We were friends back then. I know it was a long long time. The time we actually laughed so hard and yet never cared if people will look at us. We had that conversation about growing old together. We told each other thanks for just being with each other’s side.

I like to remember those nights that we just talked and imagined life after 10 years. The adventures we had and those moments when we just felt so young and free. You promised that it will be all right even when my dad died. You were there always when I was down. I was by your side to comfort you when your parents decided to get a divorce. We promised that nothing will change. Being young and with nothing to think about but just finding who we really are. I am glad that you became part of my life when nobody was by my side. You never failed to make me laugh even in those most awkward moments in my life.

Once I asked you, when the time comes that we would just grow apart and never look back, will you still remember me? You just said, that time will never come. We just continued laughing and just had a good time that night. Never knowing that time really did. You were busy with your career and I was just just that guy who you grew up with. Time passed and we never talked. Been busy with our lives and not remembering that time we just felt free and happy. Now with all the stress in life and the pressure of society made us. Can you still remember that kid who promised you everything? 

What happened to us? I was once that kid that you promised to marry and be with until forever.

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