Sometimes words aren’t enough to communicate with the object of your affection — English words, that is. In case you aren’t lucky enough to speak 12 languages fluently, we’ve compiled a love and dating-themed vocabulary list drawn from sources as varied as Tagalog, Dutch, and Inuit. Get over your saudade, indulge in a little cafuné, and you’ll be queesting in no time.

  1. Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan, Tierra del Fuego) – This term, which holds the Guinness World Record for “most succinct word,” means “looking at each other hoping that either will offer to do something which both parties desire but are unwilling to do.”
  2. Saudade (Portuguese) - A melancholic nostalgia for someone or something from the past.
  3. Tuqburni (Arabic) – The literal translation is “You bury me,” referring to a love so deep you can’t imagine living life without your partner.
  4. Bakku-shan (Japanese) - A girl who’s only attractive when she’s viewed from behind.
  5. Forelsket (Norwegian) – That intoxicatingly euphoric feeling you experience when you’re first falling in love.
  6. Cafuné (Portuguese) - The act of running your fingers through your lover’s hair.
  7. Paasa (Tagalog) – “A person who leads someone on (intentionally or not). Appearing as if they are genuinely interested romantically when they aren’t.”

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How funny is it when you fall in love and suddenly all those saved-up expectations, the ones you imagined that only in  the movies happen, start coming true? All the hurt from the past, starts hurting a little less and doesn’t matter that much anymore. Instead of feeling the same old apprehensions and fears when you’re with your new found love, you started feeling different. The concepts of happiness, being respected and loved unconditionally felt not as faraway to you as they once did. Expecting that any day the person you love will leave, but now waking up, blessed and relieved to find they are still there, that they are not going to abandon you. You realized that maybe this is that someone you prayed for and dreamt about. The type of relationship where you aren’t made a victim to the whims and games of your significant other. Isn’t it strange? You were asked for your opinion, what did you felt and what you wanted,  it’s because you actually matter to that other person.  

The question now is, what’s better? Knowing that you finally have this type of love or knowing that it’s yours forever?

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  • pantay-pantay lahat. Hindi uso ang section
  • hindi uso ang ma-principal’s office
  • hindi uso ang 1 whole, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8. 
  • kanya kanya sa desisyon. Walang guards na sisita sayo kung lalabas ka ng unibersidad ng kalagitnaan ng araw.
  • may allowable absences at grace-time period kung saan ayos lang ma-late.
  • uso ang billiards and beer sa break-time.
  • ayos lang magpaka-emo sa library.
  • alam mo ang karapatan mo sa school.
  • masarap makipag-usap sa mga irregulars.
  • masaya makinig sa mga kwento ng professors lalo na kung kalog ang mga ito.
  • hawak mo ang oras mo. desisyon mo kung sasayangin mo ito o magaaral kang mabuti.
  • mararamdaman mo ang totoong paalam sa eskwelahan.
  • mamimiss mo ang mga tropa mo last sem na hindi mo na nakikita ngayon.
  • instant kabarkada ang mga ka-club.
  • instant din ang inuman at galaan.
  • malawak ang barkada. lalo na kung irreg ka.
  • “thesis” ang dahilan ng pagkalate ng uwi o hindi pagkauwi.
  • alam mo ang halaga ng pagkakaibigan, at pagkamiss kapag lumipas na lang ito ng ganon.
  • kanya kanya sa diskarte. 

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